Doing The Most Good

The Salvation Army continues to serve more people each year in the River Valley. We see thousands of people in the surrounding Fort Smith area seeking the basic necessities of life - food, shelter, and warmth. More than 20,000 people received help from your local Salvation Army last year. And it wouldn't be possible without the support of our local community.

Hunger Relief

The Salvation Army serves those in need a hot meal for breakfast and dinner 365 days a year in their Red Shield Diner. Last year we served over 38,000 meals in the diner. The Salvation Army also provides meals to those in need through our food baskets, mobile meals and community gardens. These nutritional meals assist homeless people of all ages, as well as individuals and families who may be down on their luck and in need of some extra assistance.

Housing & Homeless Services

Emergency shelters and transitional living centers provide housing, food, and overnight lodging for varying amounts of time to those in need. In addition, local Social Workers provide educational, counseling and vocational services to homeless, destitute individuals and families, and youth where family care is undesirable or unavailable. For those families with temporal needs, our family service programs help families and needy individuals with emergency food, housing, and utility assistance. 

Christmas Assistance

Each year across the River Valley, you’ll see the traditional red kettle and bell ringers. This is our largest fundraiser, proving the funds needed to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless. Last year we provided more than 580 boxes of food for Christmas Day meals. Also at Christmas, we set up Angel Trees across shopping areas and local businesses, with donations of toys and clothing delivered to families in the most need. Last year we helped provide gifts for more than 13,000 children.

Youth Camps & Programs

Children from low-income families enjoy fresh air, exercise and new friendships at annual summer camp programs. Children learn new skills and self-reliance; trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them to mature. We also provide youth programs throughout the year that involve arts & crafts, music, and bible study.

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