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2021 Community Thanksgiving Meal

Can you believe that this year's Thanksgiving is just around the corner?

While many celebrate with food, football, and fellowship on Thanksgiving day; some in our community, especially the elderly and homeless struggle.

This year, we will be serving 300 holiday meals on Thanksgiving day from 11:00am to 2:00pm to anyone in need.

To make this event a success, we need your help.

Below is our 2021 Thanksgiving shopping list. Feel free to purchase a few items and deliver them to The Salvation Army located at 301 N. 6th Street in Downtown Fort Smith. If you would like to send a check, simply write 2021 Community Thanksgiving Meal in the memo line and we will go shopping for you.

Thank you for your consideration of this event and thank you for making a difference in the Arkansas River Valley.


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